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Alltrade Property Management

Alltrade Property Management, headquartered in Louisville, KY, was founded in 2005 and has since expanded into multiple markets in Kentucky and three additional states. The company provides property management services for both residential and commercial properties and offers clients real-time reports of the performance of their assets. The team uses individualized management plans that suit the needs of each property, including construction services for clients seeking to renovate or upgrade their investment properties, as well as standard maintenance and leasing services. In 2019, to align with the community-first vision, Alltrade also started a Second Chance Leasing Program Alltrade, which is an eviction forgiveness program designed to help remove barriers to housing for people who have past evictions on their records.


Alltrade Property Management, LLC

Alltrade Property Management has been in business since 2005, providing a full range of property management services. Services offered include maintaining the property to make sure everything is in good repair and to keep it visually appealing. The company’s service is customized to the unique needs of each client, and owners have online access to property records and financial statements. For renters, services include the ability to apply and pay online. A form is provided online for tenants who need to request maintenance on a property. Alltrade also offers a second chance company for renters who have a hard time finding a place to rent due to a past eviction or poor credit.

Arnold Real Estate Leasing & Property Management

Arnold Real Estate Leasing & Property Management specializes in serving the Lexington and Winchester communities by providing rental properties. The company owns all the structures it rents, and both residential and commercial rentals are within the scope of this company. Renters are served by gaining access to listings that are published online, which facilitates the time spent finding a potential apartment or business site. Potential homeowners are also served by this company and have the option to view listings of homes that are for sale in these two communities.

Association Management Services

Association Management Services serves homeowner associations in the Lexington area that want to protect property values of each home as well as entire communities. The company specializes in managing more than one type of community association, including townhome associations, single-family home associations and condominium associations. In addition to setting up meetings for homeowner associations, Association Management Services helps with enforcing HOA restrictions. The company also provides a portal where homeowners may pay HOA dues and then provides financial records regarding the transactions.

Atlas Property Management

Atlas Property Management has a history of successfully acquiring, managing, and selling commercial properties, such multi-family houses, office buildings, and apartment complexes. It also offers property management services to commercial building owners. The staff is well trained, having a wide range of experience managing properties and vast knowledge of the local area. In addition to the firm’s website, it also advertises properties on social media

Bailey Property Management

Bailey Property Management began with the acquisition of several apartment buildings and rental properties in the mid-1970s and became successful as other property owners approached the business to manage their buildings as well. The company’s highest priority is retaining the highest occupancy rates possible for clients. The team has highly trained leasing professionals to effectively market each property, a “fast track” maintenance system to make rentals ready, and a state-of-the-art accounting system for accurate bookkeeping.

Baughman Property Management, LLC

Baughman Property Management has been in business in the Lexington area since 2001 and specializes in small rental communities. The company offers pet-friendly apartment homes that are clean and comfortable along with a pet station at each of the company’s communities. The company provides access to rental listings so potential tenants can browse for a new home at their leisure. A tenant portal is also provided so renters can manage their accounts, report maintenance issues and contact the company at any time.

Beacon Property Management

Beacon Property Management was founded in 1998 with the goal to help provide affordable housing in the Louisville area. It currently manages over 3,500 individual housing units. The company has shifted its focus to acquiring historic buildings and properties in underserved areas to renovate and rehabilitate them, providing additional affordable housing opportunities. It also opened a charity branch, called Socayr, to continue its efforts in the affordable housing arena.

Bill Stout Properties

A certified property management company, Bill Stout Properties offers over 25 years of experience in the Louisville area. The company was awarded Property Manager of the Year in the state of Kentucky and is affiliated with the Institute of Real Estate Management, the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors. It offers services such as exclusive website monitoring of all community resident requests, a state-of-the-art communication system for owners and residents, a CPA team for accounting and financial reporting, marketing, and lease negotiations. The firm owns its own maintenance company, Stout Services Property Maintenance, to provide in-house maintenance for its properties

Blackburn Property Management

Blackburn Property Management specializes in providing one- and two-bedroom apartments near the University of Kentucky and in the Lexington area. The company maintains visually appealing rental units and strives to maintain a competitive pricing structure. Potential tenants are able to look at pictures of Blackburn’s rental units on the company website. The company also provides an online payment portal for tenants as an online maintenance request form, so if issues arise in an apartment, it’s easy to arrange for its repair.

Broadway Management Group

Broadway Management Group has a mission to provide unequaled quality and cost-efficiency in real estate property management. The team focuses on three key areas: care of owner’s property, optimizing cash flow, and detailed monthly reporting. A detailed screening process ensures quality tenants, and a dedicated maintenance staff is on hand 24 hours a day to keep each property running smoothly. Broadway Management Group has a marketing plan to ensure that all available properties are listed online. Customers are able to make rent payments on the company website as well.

CENTURY 21 Dick Vreeland & Associates

For over 45 years, CENTURY 21 Dick Vreeland & Associates has provided the Louisville area with real estate and property management services. The dedicated property management staff is extremely knowledgeable about the local rental and investment market and is ready to help guide customers to make the best decisions. Services include tenant screenings, property showings, and paperwork processing. The company employs three full-time maintenance professionals to help keep properties in top shape. The website has owner and tenant portals, allowing for online payments, communication with managers, and up-to-the-minute account updates.

Classic Real Estate & Property Management

Classic Real Estate & Property Management specializes in property management that ensures tenant comfort and satisfaction while maximizing the property owner’s return on investment. It satisfies these tasks by performing maintenance quickly when a tenant reports an issue with a residence. The group also works to accommodate property owners by managing all of the key property management tasks on behalf of owners, such as collecting the rent from tenants and preparing financial records for online access.

Coleman Group, LLC

Coleman Group has been serving the Lexington, Kentucky area since 1997. The company specializes in selling and leasing commercial properties as well as managing residential properties. The maintenance team keeps up both the interior and exterior of the properties. Staff members at Coleman Group also handle the invoicing and collecting rent for property owners. Assistance is provided regarding budgeting to maintain the property as another service for owners. Coleman Group also offers security services to keep tenants safe when in the structures they rent.

Cornerstone Property Management

The professionals at Cornerstone Property Management have a combined 75 years of experience in property management. They offer services geared toward individual properties, as well as homeowners associations, that include general maintenance, customer communication, bill collection, financial reporting, and contract negotiations. Property management goes hand-in-hand with HOA management, so the company utilizes managers to help oversee and enforce the governing rules of each community.

Cypress Property Group

Cypress Property Group has been in business for over six years, serving the property management needs of the Lexington, Kentucky area. Property types include both residential and commercial, and the property management services offered include maintaining both the grounds and structures. The company provides cleaning services before units are rented. Property owners are offered access to financial records and monthly occupancy statements for record-keeping purposes and potential tenants are able to conveniently view published listings on the Cypress Property Management website.

DellaValle Management, Inc.

For over thirty years, DMI has been a locally-owned leader in the Lexington property management industry. Serving a diverse portfolio of HOAs and private homeowners, DMI offers a time-tested suite of services to minimize the stress of day-to-day management, streamline operations, and provide actionable insight. We offer full-service accounting, administration, and maintenance, all of which are fulfilled in-house by DMI professionals. Our long-term success is emblematic of the trust we’ve built within our community, and that’s the DMI Difference.

Eckman Properties LLC

Eckman Properties has been serving the Lexington area since 2004, providing property management services downtown and near the University of Kentucky. Property owners are alleviated of tasks such as screening tenants and maintaining the properties, and the secure owner’s portal provides access to shared documents, financial statements and property updates.. The company handles all aspects of managing the rental homes, which makes it easy for out-of-town property owners to receive an income from their investment properties. Tenants are able to manage their Eckman Properties accounts online, which includes the option to pay through the website and request repairs from the maintenance department

Evans Property Management

Evans Property Management was formed in 2007, borne from the owner’s need to find reliable property management services for his own investment properties. It offers a wide variety of services, including financial management and reporting, annual tax preparation, preventative and emergency maintenance, inspections, contractor supervision, communication with owners and board members, and insurance assistance. Its management services can extend to condos, industrial/warehouse, retail, and office buildings.

Expert Property Management, LLC

Expert Property Management has been in business since 2009, specializing in managing rental properties. The company takes steps to make it easy for property owners to rent their homes as an alternative to selling. This company screens tenants, handles all communication with renters, collects the rent and enforces issues with the lease when necessary. Expert Property Management handles any maintenance issues, hiring contractors when needed, and performs move-out inspections of each property. The company also manages bill payments for the property owner and provides accounting statements for the owner’s records

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