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Bickerstaff Parham Property Management

Bickerstaff Parham Property Management serves Columbus, Phenix City, and surrounding areas. It has a lot of local experience that lets it set effective rental rates and marketing campaigns. It also handles tenant screening and leasing, routine repairs, and emergency and preventive maintenance. It emphasizes maximizing owner revenue by increasing tenant satisfaction. The company takes care to help first-time clients navigate the process of setting up an effective property management program.

Chattahoochee Dwellings Property Management

Chattahoochee Dwellings Property Management markets client properties across multiple online platforms and takes care of screening and leasing. It provides 24-hour maintenance services and responds promptly to all tenant requests. It collects deposits and rents and handles evictions. The company conducts regular property inspections and also offers landscaping services, and it uses online tenant and owner portals. Connections with local contractors and suppliers let it recommend good people for any problem.

Evans Realty

Evans Realty has more than 30 years of experience managing thousands of apartment rental properties across the southeastern states. It has an emphasis on controlling costs and working within a budget. The company uses its experience with market analysis to maximize rentals and revenues while minimizing vacancies. Evans Realty offers prospective clients a market analysis and property management proposal for their rental properties. Online rental and maintenance tools are available.

First Realty Property Management

First Realty Property Management has been in the property management business for more than 36 years. The company has online portals for both owners and tenants. Tenants can also pay their rent with the online rent payment tool. The company provides real estate services as well, and its sales staff has extensive experience in the sale and purchase of both commercial and residential properties in the Auburn area, particularly condominiums.

Greystone Properties

Founded in 1994, Greystone Properties is a real estate, land development, construction, and property management company. Property management services are the company’s primary focus, and it utilizes teams that respond to all maintenance requests in 24 hours or less. Online tenant placement service is available, as are many luxury rentals. Greystone Properties is the 2020 and 2021 winner of the Ledger-Enquirer Readers’ Choice Award and the 2022 Columbus’ People’s Choice Award.

Hayley Management Company

Hayley Management Company uses its extensive knowledge of the local rental markets to set prices that maximize revenues while minimizing vacancies. The company is focused on anticipating maintenance needs and maximizing tenant satisfaction so that tenants stay on through multiple lease periods. It uses a combination of traditional and modern marketing efforts to locate the best tenants and screens them as well. It regularly inspects the properties it manages. Hayley Management also works on consignment, renting properties on a one-time basis.

Inheritance Realty Group

Inheritance Realty Group is a veteran-owned, full-service property management company. It offers prospective clients a free rental property analysis. For current clients, it conducts rental marketing, client screening and selection, rent collection, routine and emergency maintenance, and evictions. It has detailed financial reporting tools and online portals for both owners and tenants. The company conducts thorough property inspections on move-in, at move-out, and once every 6 months in between.

Liberty Properties

Liberty Properties has been in the property management business for more than 30 years. It specializes in residential, retail, and office rentals. Liberty Properties has a suite of tenant tools online, including leasing and maintenance requests. It also has an association portal for homeowners’ associations and other property management clients. Staff members own all of the company’s rental properties, giving them a strong interest in upkeep and tenant relations.

Magnolia Realty

Magnolia Realty is a full-service property management company. It uses cutting-edge software to efficiently market rental listings to the widest audience possible, minimizing vacant periods and maximizing revenue. It also handles tenant screening and selection, bookkeeping, maintenance, inspections, and move-out tasks. Magnolia Realty keeps up with all the latest federal, state, and local laws that affect rental properties for its clients. Online portals for owners and tenants are available.

Premier Realtors of Columbus Property Management

Premier Realtors of Columbus Property Management has been in business for more than 15 years. It provides a full range of property management services, including marketing, screening, rent collection, and maintenance. It offers a detailed set of financial reporting tools, with statements available through the owners’ portal. The company also has tenant placement services and an online tenant portal. Property management service plans are individually tailored to the client.

Real Property Management Cornerstone

Real Property Management Cornerstone is a part of a nationwide company that offers comprehensive property management services, including tenant screening, lease signing, maintenance, rent collection, evictions, inspections, and accounting. It also has comprehensive marketing services to minimize vacancies. The company provides property owners with a free assessment of their rental properties. Real Property Management Cornerstone serves both the Auburn and Opelika areas and keeps its clients well-informed with regular updates and online tools.

River Region Rentals

River Region Rentals is a residential property management company that has been in business for more than 10 years. The company emphasizes the best in property maintenance as a way to help attract the kind of high-quality tenants who will maximize revenue. It serves the Montgomery, East Montgomery, Millbrook, Prattville, and Wetumpka areas. Online owner and tenant portals are available, as are online rent payment and repair request tools.

Sheffield Property Management, LLC

Sheffield Property Management LLC specializes in marketing and screening to find the right tenants and, therefore, minimize vacancies and maximize revenue. The company stays up to date on current local market conditions so that rents can be optimized while keeping occupancy rates high. It offers prospective clients a consultation on the value of their rental properties. Sheffield Property Management handles all tenant interactions, including maintenance and rent collection.

Ten 20 Property Management

Ten 20 Property Management is a tech-oriented company that has systems set up so that both owners and tenants can do everything online. The company helps property owners find good local people to handle maintenance and repairs or can be contracted to do them itself. It manages rent collection, deposit collection, property inspections, key distribution, and tenant screening. Ten 20 Property Management offers a free rental property analysis to prospective clients.

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