Solterra Vacation Rentals by Solterra Realty, LLC

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Solterra Vacation Rentals by Solterra Realty, LLC, helps owners profit from their beautiful properties. With expertise in the Tucson vacation rental market, the company responds quickly and professionally to guest inquiries, vacationing guests, and property owners. Through aggressive internet advertising and social media marketing, Solterra maintains an established customer base of thousands of guests, who often return as yearly repeat customers. Reservations can be easily made in person, over the phone, or online. Rental managers make it easy for guests to book properties in a secure, professional environment. Rental and refund policies are concise and transparent. Additionally, the Solterra team ensures that all properties are in great shape at all times by offering professional in-house services with a timely response to maintenance problems and after-hours requests for emergencies.


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