Mercury Property Management

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Mercury Property Management was established in 1989, with the founders utilizing their knowledge and experience in investment and management to build a professional property management company. Offering professional services to owners and tenants, the company specializes in single-family homes, townhouses, condominiums, duplexes and apartments in Hampton, Virginia, and the surrounding areas. Vacancies are marketed through aggressive advertising on the company’s website, the local newspaper, military listing sites and through eye-catching signs. Property owners are assured of the best possible tenants through comprehensive screening, which includes income and employment verification, credit checks, background checks and rental verification. Monthly statements are issued to owners, with detailed accounting of rent collection and applicable disbursements, as well as pertinent tenant updates. Additionally, the company performs periodic property inspections, coordinated with city inspectors and housing authorities. Major repairs are handled by an in-house maintenance team in collaboration with reasonably priced contractors.


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