McCaw Property Management

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McCaw Property Management is known for their affordable property management services offering tenant placement and feedback, rental property cleaning, property maintenance and repairs, rent collection and remittance, detailed rental property inspections, and much more. For a small fee that is deducted from rental payments each month, their clients have the peace of mind knowing that they have a thorough, trustworthy property management company working with them to keep tenants happy and investment property running smoothly 24/7. A couple of the ways McCaw has distinguished itself from other managers is how they report rental payments to the credit bureaus and how aggressively they promote properties. In addition to the traditional marketing channels such as the MLS and Zillow, properties marketed by McCaw are promoted thru many different social media platforms with professional quality photos and videos.
“At McCaw Property Management, we are passionate about creating long term wealth and income through real estate investing. Let us do the hard work.”


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