Excalibur Homes

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Excalibur Homes is a property management company serving owners of residential properties throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Founded in 1985, it currently manages more than 1,600 homes, with the priority of increasing client return on investment. The group offers an affordable performance based fee structure, starting as low as 4 percent. The company employs a staff of market specialists and leasing agents who extensively promote the properties on several websites and quickly show the property to prospective tenants. The team thoroughly screens tenants by checking credit scores, past eviction filings, employment history, and more. The company utilizes several professional contractors to provide cost-effective and high-quality maintenance services. The property managers and maintenance contractors are on call 24/7 to respond to any emergencies. Bookkeeping services include a detailed accounting of all monthly income and expenses, as well as a year end summary, all available by email. Owners may receive their payments through direct deposit into their bank accounts, and tenants may set up automatic electronic payments.


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