Abrams Realty

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Abrams Realty is a nationally-awarded property management company that believes communication is a top priority. The company maintains low turnover rates by quickly resolving problems and maintaining customer satisfaction. Abrams monitors ordinances, laws, and housing guidelines that impact each property and keeps property owners protected and compliant. It handles invoicing, enforcement of late penalties, and rent collections. It also deposits earnings directly into each client’s bank account via direct deposit and property owners have an online portal to keep up to date. Investors and property owners don’t need to deal with maintenance because Abrams coordinates all repairs and ensures that each rental is kept in good shape. Routine property inspections are an integral factor in Abrams’ approach to property management. During inspections, the property is checked to ensure that all is well and to take care of any problem areas. In 2018, 2019, & 2020 Abrams was voted Best Real Estate Firm in Coastal Virginia for sales and property management.


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